I don’t like winter. It’s almost impossible for me to get home before sundown. I had to walk home a little after dark three times last week. In a fit of paranoia, I ran half the way. Even worse, I’ve had to cut into practice time. I can’t wait to get out of Lima. Maybe I should start looking into bus routes so I won’t have to walk. I can’t be the only one in Lima who thinks there’s something off about the town. Can I?

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Posted on January 16th at 9:12 PM
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    It is fun! I’d go with you considering I like it, but if you’re really scared maybe a bat or some mace would be better.
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    I guess I’ll take your word for it. Maybe I’ll go for a walk some time and try to do some stargazing. Maybe I can bring...
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    Never know what’s out there. Best to do the buddy system.
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    Really? That’s my favorite thing about this town—how early it gets dark. But I guess I don’t have as much to be afraid...
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